Archive – 2014

Teenagers from across Greater Manchester have created a short film reminding professionals who work with them to really listen to what children and young people have to say.

A wish list of what young people would like adults workers to be like includes a ‘nice and friendly person’ ‘who understands how to get the best out of me’ but ‘not too friendly, so they sound fake’.

More than 75 professionals who work with children across Greater Manchester watched the film at a launch event at BBC North in Salford.

Young people talked about their positive experiences of how they make a difference to get their voices heard, participating in events like Youth Day in Salford or in their local Youth Council.

Anita Turner and Ewan Vinnicombe, filmmakers from Children’s BBC, also talked about how listening to the voices of children is instrumental in making high quality content, to make sure that young people are truely represented in programme making.

The film of ‘talking heads’ is unscripted and captures heartfelt anecdotes of what it’s like as a young person working with professionals and how things can always be improved upon.

The views of children and young people can sometimes be overlooked by safeguarding professionals, even though the decisions taken on their behalf can have huge implications for them.

The film will be used in safeguarding training across the region by any agencies that work with children and young people.  All 10 Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards, which form the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership, pooled resources to commission the film.

Nick Page, chair of Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership said: “As professionals we all know that we should listen to the children and young people we are representing – though sometimes their voices can get lost in the daily process of work. This film stands out for the candid observations and anecdotes from the young people, reminding us as adults to always listen to what they have to say.”



Notes to editors:

The short film is unscripted and uses the real views of the young people from across Greater Manchester.

The short film and accompanying training notes can be viewed in the Projects page